Giving new life to a wooden fireplace mantle

Before and After Side by Side comparison

Because of my current love affair with Espresso brown (A Home Depot Behr color) , I decided to see what happened if I painted our all white fireplace mantle with the warm color.

Materials Needed:  Two 2″ paintbrushes, quart of semi-gloss paint in brown tone desired, quart of semi-gloss black paint, painters tape and small paint tray

Step 1) Tape off edges that meet wall and floor covering

Step 2) Without sanding, I put one layer of the brown over the white not worrying about thinness of the finish or visible brushstrokes;  let it dry complete before continuing.

Step 3) Once dry, you can begin the second coat of Espresso brown filling in any visible white from the undercoat.

Step 4) While still wet, take the 2nd brush and gently dip the tip into the black, dab it out on the tray so very little is on the brush and begin brushing the edges into the wet brown paint to create a burnished wood grain look.  Use random patterns following the wood grain.  Use the brown brush to cover or smooth out excess black areas or to create layered tones.

That’s it!  The change instantly warms the room.        A girl can do it scale:  So easy, a girl can do it!

Before painting *how to replace a tile surround on your fireplace will be another topic

Step 2: First coat

Step 4: blending black into the brown

Finished look


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  1. It’s amazing what a little paint, tape and savoir faire can do for a room. Love it – can’t wait to see more projects come to life on this site!

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