6 Quick and Easy Tips for a Budget Kitchen Makeover

Ahhh Spring!  Warmth, rebirth, freshen are all words that come to mind.  How about applying those ideals to the heart of your home? Here a few quick and simple ways to makeover your kitchen without breaking the bank.

1) Cabinet Hardware      Budget-$1.50-$5 per knob (and upwards for fancier styles)

A cabinet without hardware is sometimes like wearing your Sunday best with sneakers.  Or maybe you already have cabinet hardware but they are showing their age or the finish isn’t quite in style any longer. A little knob or pull goes a long way to give your cabinets a new “pow”.

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2) New Faucet  Budget $100-$300 (and upwards for fancier styles)

There are a lot of really neat faucets nowadays and usually your sink is the center focal point of a kitchen besides the stove.  Imagine what a sleek new gooseneck faucet would look like as the crowning jewel of your sink.

3) Fresh Paint  Budget $25-30 per gallon

This is the single easiest and quickest home makeover project.  There are a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from.  What are colors that inspire you, make you feel good to be in the kitchen or make you feel happy?  What are the colors in your granite or current decor?  These are great places to start when choosing a new color.

4) Painted Cabinets  Budget $15-20 per quart

I have known a lot of people that are tired of the builder standard “honey oak” cabinetry but can’t afford the cost of new cabinets.  Painting cabinets is a great way to provide a lot of umph for the time, effort and money.  Depending on your tastes, my favorite finishes are all white (clean and crisp) or a dark espresso brown in a semi-gloss.  All you need is a little sanding to rough up the surface and a nice 2″ brush or roller.  If you really want to maintain the wood grain, you can also sand and re-stain but this will require a little more effort.

5) New lighting   Budget $20-200 depending on your current lighting

Under-cabinet lights are a quick and easy way to add task lighting to your countertops.  Do you have an old rectangular light fixture overhead?  If so, you might be surprised how easy it is to remove this and change it out to a more updated and energy efficient style. 

6) Rearrange! Budget-$0

You’ve already purchased and lived with certain items that you enjoy.  To love the stuff you’re with, how about rearranging them around the room to give you a sense of newness?  You might be surprised that by moving stuff around on top of your cabinets, moving a picture or the stuff you keep on top of your counters will make you feel like you are walking into a new space.

I’ll be discussing step by step how to instructions on these topics very soon, but in the meantime, if you need help or would like to try one of these topics, comment back.

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  1. Some great tips here for sprucing up that kitchen (or bath) for not a lot of money. My favorite place for knobs is
    Make sure you order their awesome catalog. When I did my parents kitchen they really likes some of the tile knobs but they were $16 each! Needless to say they went with a simple stainless knob.

    Painting cabinets can be tricky to do correctly. You could also consider new facing on the frames and then new doors and drawer fronts. This can be cost effective if the cabinet boxes are on good shape. Its still cheaper than all new cabinets, although much more expensive than paint. One place for refacing/doors is

    I hope you find this info helpful. Good luck on your projects

    The Handyguys

    • Thank you very much for the additional information and feedback. You are right, you can go crazy with the wide variety of cabinet hardware available!

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