No, you don’t have to remove that old wallpaper! Part 2

Your little girl has outgrown the pink pony wallpaper border in her room.  Or, maybe you have decided that the country mauve and blue roses in your bath has to go!  Great news!  Even better news?  You may not have to go through the agony of removing the old stuff by completing just a few simple steps.

If you decided that Venetian Plaster (my part 1 of this series) isn’t for you, then I have another idea to cover your existing wallpaper .  I love time savers and the first time I removed a room of old paper, was also my last after I discovered this process.

There are two important requirements to ensure success:

1)  Check the quality of seams.  If there are areas that are loose, you will need to glue them down or as I prefer, cut them with a sharp utility knife to get a nice edge.  If there are bubbles, cut an x in the bubble and either glue it down or remove around the bubble.

2) If your unwanted paper has a heavy texture or pattern to it, it may show through your paint which means bad news, you may have to either remove the paper or plaster over.  If the pattern is slight, you should be perfectly okay by doing the next steps.

Prepping the wallpaper for painting:

1) Smooth any remaining rough edges at seams or cuts with a dab of drywall compound applied with a putty knife., tapering and smoothing until your edge is even.  You can also use Painter’s caulk to fill in seams as long as you ensure the caulk is smoothed out.  Wait to dry, then sand smooth with a finishing grit paper or hand sander.

2) Paint one coat of water-based primer paint or Kilz over the existing paper and let completely dry.

3) Spray a can of orange peel spray texture in light even strokes.  Both Lowe’s and Home Depot sell a variety of these products and run about $10-15 per can in their paint sections; anticipate a can covering about a wall and a half.  I like the water-based, low odor kind. that sprays blue and dries white to let you know when it’s dry.  A word of warning on this stuff:  cover your floor and adjoining areas that won’t be painted to protect from over-spray!   Again no worries if you goof…it cleans up with a wet wash cloth later, but might as well try and minimize your clean up with a little effort beforehand.

I also can’t emphasize the words “light even strokes” too much.  If you don’t, your texture will be too heavy and uneven.  Let this completely dry otherwise, the new texture gets bubbles in it or flattens out completely.  By this point, you should start seeing that old wallpaper disappear.

Homex Orange Peel Spray texture-can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes

4)  Paint over the newly textured surface with your paint color of choice.

You can do it!!  Was this helpful to you?  Please feel free to let me know if I can help.

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