Paint Color Dilemma? You can commit!

Got the itch to repaint a room but overwhelmed by the choices?  Here are a few simple pointers about how to get over the hump and COMMIT to the color!

1. It’s your home
Home is where the heart is as they say, its your sanctuary and you are  proud to call it your own.   Its great to have a friend or someone “guide” you in the process, but ultimately, paint color is your decision.  You are the one that has to live with it every day.  If you hire a professional, communicate in advance all of your likes and dislikes and wish list items so that you can be assured that your space will reflect “you” when it’s complete.

2. Sometimes, its not love at first sight and definitely make sure to see it in better light

Take a day or two to ensure you love the color you pick at first glance.   Bring several color swatches of paint  home and stick them around various points of the room you are painting as well as near the floor to ensure that the color will have the desired effect in the room you are looking for.  Store bulbs are different than the light you have at home just like the amount of natural ilght that comes through the room may affect how you see the color.  Also, how does it look at night?

3. Don’t build your room around the paint color, build your paint color around the room
Fabrics, carpet, decor should blend or complement the paint colors you choose.

4. Go for what you love!
If you had to describe your personality in one color, would it be beige?  What are things that make you happy?  The ocean? For $25-30 plus your time, whats the risk of trying a color that matches things you love or that reflects your personality? After all, isn’t that why you wanted a home?  To have it be something that reflects your personal style and makes you happy to be there?

5.  Let the star of the show have the spotlight

Don’t overdo it with bolder colors throughout your house, instead try to go a shade more neutral than the actual color you love.  That way, you can use the bolder version of the color in the decor or furniture pieces within the room to really give those pieces the spotlight.   To create a more unified space, try incorporating accessories that are different hues of your chosen color.  Blacks and whites are always neutral to any color combination.

6.  The color whisperer
What is the mood or feeling you are trying to achieve in the space?  You might be surprised, but color choices can affect your mood.   If you are trying to find calm or serene, think blues or greens.  Sunny and cheerful, yellows.  Red and oranges inspire creativity and invigoration.  Get the idea?

7. Is that blue,  purple or gray?
Colors have a lot of variation within themselves created by different color pigments mixed together.  Next time you are at the paint store, pick our every shade of blue you can see and put them side by side.  Notice how some turn from purpley-blue to gray-blues and some are even blue-greens?  This is where it is again important to see the color under different light and adjacent to the pieces within the room it will be blending with.

8. Choose a color “scheme”
You have a cranberry red sofa you adore.  Don’t go hauling the sofa into the store and asking that they make a match of the sofa for your paint color.  Look for more subtle shades of the color for the paint and focus more on the accessories that will pull the room together.

Good luck…and remember, its just a can of paint!

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