A Tween Girls Bedroom Design

A Tween Girl’s Bedroom-Easy and inexpensive decorating ideas

I am blessed with a very quick witted and enjoyable tween daughter.  With a college student moving on and another teen son taking over a bigger room, my daughter has an opportunity to also move to a bigger bedroom within our home which will leave behind her current room.   Her current bedroom (above) is already decorated in a style that most TEEN girls would die for, so it pains me to disassemble it.

It may seem odd to give up her current room’s modern and trendy appeal, but there is a valid story and a certain amount of guilt behind it.  When we first moved into our home, I painted her room the pink it is now.  Florals, gingham check were the visions of “little girl” I once had for my daughter.  Turning 7, she wanted something a little more hip and definitely anything BUT pink!

Not having the heart to repaint so quickly or do away with some decor pieces already in her space, I regrettably convinced her to “compromise”.  So with a new comforter set and pillows priced at less than $200, along a few intentional decor pieces purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby for under $100 and a little creativity, we had a complete budget room makeover for less than $300.

Before we begin our journey into the new room she will be moving into, let’s take a look at what simple things we did to make her current room affordable and eye-catching:

Using the pink paint color as the main decorating factor, I found this cute quilt/dust ruffle set at JCPenney.com that has black and white polka dots, zebra print and PINK.  We added a few throw pillows mixed with some of the old pink stuff she already had, an inexpensive rug and zebra wing chair.

The overhead canopy was leftover from her former little girl roses room but I simply added a black feather boa at the top with fabric glue.  These overhead canopies are easy to make and instantly dress up any little girl’s bed to be fit for a princess.

I also added a black feather boa to her current pink lamp shade with fabric glue.

She already had this little white desk so we simply hand painted some zebra stripes on the knobs.

We also painted and glittered her vanity mirror with craft paint.

The little vanity stool was recovered with a swatch of black and white polka dot fabric stapled to the underside and then edged with pink dangly faux jewels glued on.

But, like the elephant in the corner, I knew she was ultimately not happy with the pink in what should be her “domain”.  I promised her at that moment, when she turned 10, we could repaint and redecorate.  The time has come to honor that promise and I feel good about being able to get 3 years of use out of the compromise.

With this experience in mind, I have learned very quickly that with her sense of style and personality, she has some very creative ideas and a strong desire to have input over what she wants her new bedroom to be like. As a perfect mother-daughter bonding opportunity, I welcome the participation.

The challenge ahead:

My teen son’s vacated room will be soon transformed into a new tween/teen paradise for a girl!  (Yes, I hand painted those vertical stripes!) We’ll talk about hanging chandeliers, repainting and other handy decor tips in the new TWEEN girl’s room to come.

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  3. Love it!

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