DIY Bed Canopy Fit For Any Princess

Convincing our daughters that all boys are frogs, and they are princesses, what girls bed would be complete without a crowning touch like an overhead canopy? Making one yourself is extremely easy and affordable.

You’ll need:

a staple gun, fabric glue, a piece of plywood or other rigid board cut to a circle, and some drywall screws and hand-held drill

For the one pictured, I used some soft felt for the underside cover and the top ring (1 1/2 to 2 yards should be more than sufficient), 2 colors of sparkle tulle (about 8 yards each-on sale, this runs about $.79 per yard!), some zebra print ribbon for the tie-backs (1 yard cut into 2 pieces), some sequined cording (about 1 1/2 yards), over-sized faux pearls (1 package) and a black feather boa.  You can find all of this stuff at a crafts store; I like Hobby Lobby because they put their fabrics on sale frequently.  For this canopy, I spent about $20-25.  You can find something similar online for much more and it’s not nearly as “customized” to suit your daughter’s room decor.

How to start:

1)   Using a trash can lid or something similarly sized and round, trace an outline on your wood to make a circle and cut the pattern.  You may also try a double-layered rigid foam board with the two pieces glued together if a saw is not something you want to tackle.

2)  Using some of the felt, cut a square large enough to cover the circle and begin stapling to the back side just tucking in the edges as you go.  Don’t worry about how it looks on the backside since this will be the part that is going to be secured to the ceiling.

3)  Now secure the long tulle drapes to the backside of the canopy with staples.  The length of the drapes should be long enough to make a nice scoop down from the ceiling and to the wall just above each corner of the headboard and then hang to the ground.

4)  Cut the remainder of the felt as if you are making a rectangular banner and scallop or “V” the edges as you desire.  The length should be enough to cover the circumference of your wood circle; the width should be the amount you want to hang from the ceiling.    Using fabric glue, glue whatever garnishments (sequins, pearls etc) to the edges you would like.  Because of the weight of the pearls I used, a simple threaded stitch holds them in place.

Now, using the staple gun, wrap the felt around the edge of the circle securing it to the backside of the board. Glue the boa around the top; this will conceal any wrinkles or small flaws.

5)  Using drywall screws and a drill, position the circle on the ceiling above the bed and secure it to the ceiling well.

6)  Gather the long tulle drapes and position them against the wall as desired and fasten them in place with the staple gun.

7)  Make a bow and staple that in place to the tulle drapes.

That’s it.  A canopy fit for a queen!   Questions/Comments?  I welcome your feedback.

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  1. Love it!
    I had two boys, who are grown now… but I do have a 9-yr granddaughter! 🙂
    I’ll ask her if she’d like something like this.
    Yes, I’ll take pics if I do it!

  2. How would you suggest it be done if you’re a renter and need the least amount of damage to the ceiling as possible?

    • Hi Lynn:

      Great question! I would suggest that you use the lighter weight foam boards doubled up and then use as few screws as you can when securing it to the ceiling; I would try 2 screws and see what happens. You will be left with what look like nail holes in the ceiling which can then be patched with drywall patch or a small bead of caulk afterward. With the lighter boards, you won’t need as many screws to anchor it securely.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Bren Veseleny. Bren Veseleny said: DIY Bed Canopy Fit For Any Princess: […]

  4. I love this canopy, so easy and pretty! I tried to make a canopy for my 3 year old daughter at our last house but it was not very sturdy. Now, in our new house, she wants another one, so I am going to try and make this one. Thank you! I, too (like one of your other readers), am renting my home, so I think I am going to try and mount it to the ceiling with picture wall mounting tape. My daughter shares her room with her little brother, and I’m sure he’ll want a canopy once he sees hers. Do you have any ideas for how to make a more masculine looking canopy or tent?

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