Make your next DIY project a successful one

“You Can Do It Too”…Make your next DIY project a successful one

I love starting new projects.  I love learning new things.  Each time, I savor the sense of accomplishment by not only completing the task, but  also knowing that I was successful.  The following are tips to help you get the most out of your next home improvement project too:

1.  Have the right tools and the right materials

Before tackling any project, determine the type of tools needed and the type and amount of all the materials for the project.

2. Research and planning

Research the steps necessary to complete the project from start to finish to ensure you will have the know how.  Plan the project in steps so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

3. Budget accordingly

Your desire to take on DIY projects can no doubt save you money.  Materials can come in a variety of choices so choose within your budget.  Nothing is worse than blowing a budget before the job even starts.  Proper planning also helps minimize surprises to some extent during the progress.

4. Caution: Work  Zone

Nothing is worse than a paint spill or dust that could have been contained.  Protect your working area and move any furniture that will be an obstacle.

5. Exercise good safety habits

Take a moment to ensure your safety by wearing the appropriate protective eye wear, ear protection, etc.   When working around noxious chemicals, ensure the area is well ventilated and use a mask designed to block harmful odors.  When working around electrical or natural gas, always ensure the proper valves and breakers are shut off before diving in.

6. Know your limitations and have an escape route if you need it

As much as I’d like to say that you CAN in fact do anything you set your mind to, sometimes, its helpful to know your limitations and leave certain components to a professional.   It’s perfectly okay to do demo then hire someone to put it back together; this will still save you money.  Every new project I tackle, I make it part of my planning to know how much it would cost and who I would hire “if” I find myself over my head or completely mess something up.  This plan B planning gives me a sense of comfort and believe it or not, bravery to trudge ahead.

7. Even the Romans couldn’t build Rome in a day

I don’t know about you, but I thrive on instant gratification.  I like doing things that render quick and easy results.  If I were to rush through my DIY projects however, I might not end up with the results I expected because of cut corners or sloppy workmanship.  Haste makes waste and if it’s not right, make it so.  Slow down and take your time to ensure quality control.

8.  Dot your I’s and cross the T’s

Always double-check with your local government for any applicable building codes or permits you may have to comply with.  Most city services offer a helpful “building and permits” department that can answer most common questions or at least direct you in the proper direction.

9. You get what you pay for

Money saved on that less expensive item may result in more time spent trying to get it right.  Spend the extra money in the beginning to buy better quality if its something you want to enjoy for several years.  Research other consumer opinions.

10. Use common sense when it comes to the weather

Plan your projects according to weather.  You don’t want to be in the attic during the summer and you don’t want to paint your front door when its snowing outside.

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