How to build a canopy fit for a “tween/teen”

My little girl will always be my princess, but she was ready to part ways with all things pink and ready to restyle her kingdom.  This is an alternative of the last do it yourself instructions on how to build an overhead bed canopy.  Fortunately, you can use these same how to instructions to build a bathroom tub valance or window valance because of its shape.

In case you missed it, here is the other alternative on how to build a canopy over a bed:

Materials you will need:

One 1″x 12″ x 7′ white pine board ($8); Two 4 pack packages of “L” brackets-one large, one small ($6 total); Fabric of your choice-1 yard to cover valance;  # of feet of trim depending on your desires (price varies)

Tools you need:

Glue gun,   Staple Gun, cordless drill, drywall screws and drywall anchors

How to:

1)  Mark 6″ segments on the pine board; these will become your side depths.

2) Cut the segments with a jig saw or other saw

3) Using the smaller “L” brackets, secure the sides to the front.  The “L” brackets come in a 4 pack along with screws.  The brackets provide support to the frame.

4)  Cut the yard of fabric in half and wrap each piece around the front and sides, stopping halfway in the middle.  In this case, I used black velvet.  Fasten top first with staple gun by overlapping the fabric over the edge.  AT the middle, fold the fabric under so it makes a nice straight line.

5)  On the corners, tuck the fabric under then fold over side and staple tight.  Now take the bottom part of the fabric and fasten it to the backside of the wood with staples the same way you finished the front and corners.  Now you are ready for trimming!

6)  Using the glue gun, attach trims of choice to the upper and lower edges.  In this example, I used 3 rows of trims only on the bottom.  You should play with the trims of your choice to see what you like best.

7)  When you are done with the trims, attach the larger “L” brackets to the top side of the frame.  Mark your position of the screw holes with a pencil on the ceiling.  Insert the drywall screws into the ceiling.  You will likely need someone to give you hand to secure the frame to the ceiling.  Using the cordless drill, secure the frame with screws into the drywall anchors.

8)  Using the staple gun, secure both ends of the drape fabric, in this case I selected black satin,  on the inside of the frame.  Now, gather up 4″ sections of the drape fabric and continue to secure it to the inside of the frame until you are done.  Repeat for both sides.  Gather the drapes  where they form a balloon in the middle and wrap bows or tassels in the middle then secure to wall with a staple gun.

9)  Repeat step 8 with any secondary color or fabric.  In this case, I wasn’t sure if my daughter would like the sparkly tulle so I only completed one side.

At this writing, she came into her room and squealed with delight.  As you can imagine, the choice of fabrics and trims can be made to suit mostly any age or any bedroom, bath or window topping.  Use it just as a valance without drapes or hang a drapery rod underneath as an option.  This project as shown took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete.

I’d love to see your pictures if you decide to take on this project yourself.  Please feel free to post them here, my Facebook @Agirlcandoit or email direct at  Hope you enjoy your canopy in your kingdom!

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  2. Wow Brenda,
    Your work is incredible. How gifted you are! Looking forward to more great articles.


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