How to give new life to old home decor for as little as $1

Wall decor found in brown but repainted in black to match new decor

Redoing a room in a new color scheme and suddenly find yourself faced with the dilemma of spending more money on decor pieces to match?  Even crazier, have you found yourself trying to find that perfect light fixture or decor piece but its the wrong color?  Don’t let a little color issue get in the way.  Worry no more, because with a can of the latest spray paints available and a little crafty work, you can give new life to that decor and re-use it.  The best part is, no one will know you just spent pennies on what will look like all new decor…what a great little secret!

Depending on what type of use the piece will get, you can find a can of spray paint for as little as $1 at most big box home improvement stores or discount stores.  Use a better quality paint for heavier use items such as exterior pieces, light fixtures, mirrors, etc.  Decor pieces that sit on a shelf or on a wall do just fine with the inexpensive paint.

Krylon’s line of spray paints come in a variety of finishes and can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as metals, plastics, wood, etc. so all is pretty much fair game! Just follow their application instructions to ensure a quality finish:

Here’s some things recently repainted with a $1 can of spray paint for my tween/teen room project, but should give you an idea of the variety of finishes that can be painted:

Paper mache' mannequin and wood letters "before"

Letters "After" spray painted with flat black

mannequin and "Style"sign painted in flat black and embellished with a few glue on jewels and feather trim

New wood/wicker furniture piece found at Home Decor but was in a baby blue and brown; repainted to match new tween room decor

Wood Mirror "Before"

Mirror "After" painted and embellished with jewels

For lighting fixtures, both interior or exterior, try Krylon’s line of spray paints specifically meant for metal.  You can get a hammered metal or iron look finish for as little as $3-5 per can.  Here’s some exterior light fixtures I found in brown, but really wanted black:

Metal exterior Light Fixture painted with Krylon's paint

**  When using any spray paint, always spray in a well ventilated area.  Also consider wind velocity and direction to minimize any over-spray issues.  Putting up a sheet of plastic can help with this issue.

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  2. where did you get the rugs and pillows? and the walls. one of them is darker purple, so then are the others white? or a lighter purple?

    • I bought the rugs from The pillows came from The walls are painted a satin white with the accent wall in the darker purple so you get a slight reflection from the purple onto the white. Good luck!

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